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Size of EU Energy Efficiency Labels

The sizes of the new EU energy labels reflect the size of the appliance on which (or near which) they should be displayed. (In fact these are minumum sizes and they can be printed larger if required/desired). For example the biggest labels are the ones for dishwashers, fridges, etc, whereas TVs can have smaller labels.

The most used sizes are shown below:

Sizes of energy labels in millimeters

(The industry standard DPI is 300, and you can use this online app: Create Label to create your own labels at the appropriate pixels sizes for the correct mm sizes.)

This table gives you an overview of the sizes.

Size (mm) Used for
110 x 220 Fridges, fridge freezers, dishwashers, tumble driers,
100 x 200 Cooling only double duct air conditioners
60 x 120 Televisions
75 x 150 Vaccum cleaners
105 x 200 Water heaters

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